Isaac’s Sleep Routine

I usually only post little snippets of things that Isaac says, but I read a blog post on baby sleep and I thought I would post what I did because, although I have gotten a ton of things wrong as a mother- this routine worked out really well for us.

The first couple of nights after I brought Isaac home I tried to co-sleep, and I couldn’t get him to sleep at all. Then for the next couple of nights he slept in his vibrating chair, which really concerned me because I felt like it wasn’t comfortable or natural.

So then we started swaddling him in one of those swaddle blankets with the patches, like this. At that time I “co-slept” with him in my bed but inside of this thing, This worked really well for a while and then I moved him inside this thing, still swaddled, into a bassinet beside my bed like this, And then, eventually I moved him into his crib in his room in the little sleeper thing, still swaddled, and on d he got comfortable in his room I removed the sleeper thing and just swaddled him in his crib. And Isaac did really great with this and has always been a great night sleeper.

He also did really well with naps for most of his life, but now that he is 3.5 is giving up his naps, which is frustrating but perfectly normal I guess. I also used this blanket thing to keep him warm after I stopped swaddling him,, and they even make them with the feet sticking out for older toddlers and we used one until he turned 3.

So anyway- if you have a new baby and are trying to figure out the sleep thing- these are my suggestions.

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