Isaac had his first soccer practice today.

“How was soccer?” I asked.

“Soccer was fun, I got to kick the ball and I kicked it into the net. And I kicked a pebble and then kicked the ball and then kicked the ball and the pebble,” Isaac added, “and I also got to sit on the ball.”

“That sounds great!” I cheered, “Do you want to buy a soccer ball and practice outside?”

“Can we sit on it?” he asked.



The other day Isaac and I played outside. 

It was sunny out but windy.

Isaac said, “I’m a little bit cold here, I want to stand in the summer.”



“Mama, I am going to pretend my crackers are gum. ”
“Okay. ”
“Mama, ask me what I am eating.”
“What are you eating Isaac?”
“I am eating gum.”