Spitting Music

Tonight Isaac got a new keyboard.

He asked me to play with him and then handed me a bowl. I thought it was a ‘drum’ so I started to turn it over when I noticed it was wet inside.

Isaac said, “Spit in this bowl. This is spitting music.”



My best friend has a son who is Isaac’s age and she is pregnant with a girl.

I told Isaac that his friend was going to have a sister soon.

Isaac thought about it for a moment and said.

“I want a sister who doesn’t talk.” 




Tonight I put on Isaac’s crown and he asked if I was a king.

I said, “no, I’m a queen.”

Isaac said, “you’re not a queen, you are Mama!”

Yes I am, I am indeed.



Tonight Isaac and I were sitting on the couch.

He reached for his Baby Night Night and almost fell off the couch. I said, “Please don’t fall off the couch, I love you too much for you to fall off the couch.”

Isaac said, ” You don’t love me too much, you love me enough.”