Wiping the cry away

Today Isaac is at home with me, it’s a rainy Memorial Day and he was playing in the guest bedroom with a broken ride-on motorcycle and the treadmill. Then he fell. I didn’t see him fall because, like a great mom, I was reading my phone, but anyway…

After crying for a while in my arms he pulled back and started wiping at his eyes and said, “I’m trying to wipe the cry away.”


Preschool Adventures

In the car on the way home from preschool, I asked my son, “How was music class today.”

“Mr. Mark said, ‘Isaac, don’t sit on Elliot,” he replied.


Being Jewish

Isaac goes to a Jewish preschool although we are not Jewish. The other day the teacher asked each student whether or not they are Jewish and wrote down the answers. Isaac’s answer, “No, but this truck is Jewish.”



If Isaac sees a clown in a book. He says, “I don’t want that clown to be funny to me!”

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On May 7, 2014, at 10



“Isaac, you are the best.”
“No, I’m not the best.”
“Really, you’re not the best?”
“Well, I’m a little the best.”



Yesterday I had to make a Skype phone call to a business associate in the UK.

It was early in the morning and so I did it from home, and Isaac was with me.

As soon as he heard me on the phone he ran into my office and started listening into the phone call. He started calling the man, whose name is Stephen, David. So I corrected him and said his name was Stephen, but for some reason Isaac misheard me and thought I said Stinky.

So then he started saying, “Hey Stinky, how are you doing Stinky?”