Too many dollars

Isaac refers to all financial transactions as ‘too many dollars’. When we play and he tells me he wants to buy a pizza and I hold out my hand he will give me imaginary money and say, ‘here is too many dollars.’ It reminds me of a crotchety old spendthrift who buys only generic potato chips and thinks everything costs too much. Too many dollars!


Captain Hook

“Mama, Captain Hook is a boy?

“Yes, he is a boy.”

“He looks like a girl?”

“Captain Hook has long hair, but boys can have long hair.”

“He looks like a girl?”

Actually, we have a lot of conversations like this- one of Isaac’s tactics is that if you disagree with him he will keep repeating it until you give up and agree. Here is another conversation along the same lines…

Isaac “How do snowmen walk? Are snowmen mad”

“No, they are not mad.”

“Sometimes snowmen are mad?”

“No, I don’t think they are mad.”


Buy some toys!

The other day we went to look at a house with a friend of ours who is a realtor (named Joe). After we got in the car to leave the house Isaac said, “Can we stop at the store and buy Joe some toys?” I couldn’t figure out what he meant at first and then we realized… The house was vacant and there was nothing in the house. Isaac thought that the house was where Joe lived, and that Joe needed toys. This kid is so sweet!