Whine Time

Isaac started kindergarten this year. One day he told me.  “I hate it when kids are whiny all the time. They say, “Stoooop it Iiisaac.” Like this.

So I asked, “What do you do to make them say that?”

And Isaac said, “We’re not talking about that right now.”




We welcomed Alexander Brooks Smelcer-Zhang into our family July 16, 2016. While we were still in the hospital Isaac pulled up his shirt and said, “I can help feed the baby too.”


Mummy Babies

Isaac is really into Mummies lately. They had a book at school he liked and then we checked out a bunch from the library. Isaac doesn’t think they are gross and even thinks this mummy is pretty.


Go figure.

But the other day in the car we were talking about how much cows weigh at birth (some dairy cows weigh 109 lb.) versus how much humans weigh at birth (you know), and Isaac said, how much do mummies weigh at birth?


Then poop pooped in peepee’s pants

Isaac likes to tell jokes now. Unfortunately they all have the same punch line. An example is, “why did the wall hold up the roof?” “Because poop pooped in peepee’s pants.” For the sake of variety, sometimes pee poops in poopoo’s pants, or pees in peepee’s pants, or peepee pees in poopoo’s pants, you get the idea…


Stupid monkey

Two funny things happened with Isaac during one safari ride at Animal Kingdom. When we first got on the ride Isaac looked at the animals and said, “can we kill them and eat them?”

A little later on in the ride Isaac said, “hi monkey!” Really loud and everyone on the jeep laughed. Then he said, “you stupid monkey.”

…uncomfortable silence.


Old Post- Just Now Publishing

This is from May 2014- but somehow I published it to the wrong place…

Yesterday I had to make a Skype phone call to a business associate in the UK.

It was early in the morning and so I did it from home, and Isaac was with me.

As soon as he heard me on the phone he ran into my office and started listening into the phone call. He started calling the man, whose name is Stephen, David. So I corrected him and said his name was Stephen, but for some reason Isaac misheard me and thought I said Stinky.

So then he started saying, “Hey Stinky, how are you doing Stinky?”


Boy Words

There are a few words and phrases Isaac says often, and when I try to say them he will say, “You can’t say that, it is a boy word.”

“For real life, I’m sure” is one of the phrases. He uses this the most often but there have been others as well.

I ask him what are some girl words I can say, but he doesn’t know any.