Hurting my feelings

One night I was trying to get Isaac ready for bed. Although he is three I still haven’t really figured out a proper way to get him to happily put on his pajamas and climb into bed and so instead we have a 1 1/2 hour nightly ordeal. One night Isaac was playing on his bed after reading and I wanted him to lie down.

I said, “Isaac, you need to lie down and let me put the covers on you.”

He turned to me and said, “Stop saying that, you are hurting my feelings!”


I is dumb

My husband and I were having a DEEP conversation about dating Jax (a character from the show “Vanderpump Rules”) this morning. I made the unguarded comment that I would not want to be married to Jax because it would be terrible to have to live with someone so dumb. Isaac overheard us and started saying, “Dumb, Dumb, I is dumb.” I was horrified because we haven’t used that word around him and he doesn’t know what dumb means.

I said, “Isaac, I’m sorry for saying that word, you are smart.”

And Isaac said, “I is dumb,”

And I said, “You are smart.”

And Isaac escalated, “I is dumb!”

So I said, “Okay, you are dumb.”

Only a toddler can be stubborn about being dumb.


Something is happening…

One day I was in the office and Isaac came into the room and said, “Mommy, something is happening to my body.”

I asked, “What is happening to your body?

He said, “Something is happening to my poopy.”

I jumped up from the computer and we ran into the bathroom together.


Baby Night Night Versus Toodles

My son, Isaac, loves the character Toodles from Disney’s Clubhouse. He also loves his Baby Night Night. (A toddler pillow that he carries around every day.) The other day we were driving in the car and we had this conversation…

Isaac, “Baby Night Night doesn’t like Toodles.”

Me, “Well, maybe he feels sad because he knows how much you like Toodles.”

Isaac, “But Baby Night Night says I can’t like Toodles.”

Me, “Baby Night Night can like who he likes and you can like who you like.”

Isaac, “But Baby Night Night is sad.”

Me, “Then hug him and comfort him.”

Isaac commences hugging and kissing Baby Night Night…

Isaac, “Baby Night Night is hitting me.”