Valentine’s day party

Today Isaac had a valentine’s day party at school and I want to record the day before I forget. When I first got to the party Isaac stayed with me, but after a while he started feeling comfortable to play with friends. One of his classmates was playing with magnet blocks and to play with him Isaac first just started handing him blocks, then he eventually helped the classmate build the structure. When they were done Isaac asked whether the friend wanted to do some demolition and the friend asked, “what is demolition?” And Isaac said, it’s tearing down a building when it gets old. The friend agreed and smashed the structure and then Isaac joined in. I was very impressed that Isaac asked first.

Later he shared a cracker with his best friend (which is great because he usually will not share food at home), and then I read books to him and his best friend. It was a lovely day and I was very happy with the way he interacted in his environment.